How does your home office make you feel? Does it fill you with creative energy and inspire you to grab each day by the horns? Or does it slowly sap the productivity out of you, grinding you down as each day progresses?

If it’s the latter, it might be time to address your home office feng shui. Many people believe that office feng shui can have a significant impact on everything from how clear your mind is to how high your stress levels are. Even if you don’t believe in the power of feng shui, what have you got to lose by moving a few pieces of furniture around?

To help you ensure that chi (good energy) flows correctly through your home office, follow these simple office layout feng shui tips and see how different your workspace feels!

Office Feng Shui Tips

1. Declutter

Before you tackle any other aspect of your home office feng shui, it’s time to declutter. You need to clear space in order to allow energy to flow into your office. As such, file those piles of paperwork away, turn your scribbled post-it notes into a neat, orderly task list on your computer or phone and remove anything that doesn’t need to be there.

Once you have a relatively blank canvas, it’s time to unleash that positive energy. Are you ready?

2. Start with plants

Plants are hugely important in feng shui. You can use them to purify your air and encourage positivity. For maximum luck and to bring the sun’s life-giving energy into your workspace, bring golden yellow chrysanthemums into your home office during the autumn. Place them on the first floor (if you have one), towards the back middle of the room.

Chrysanthemums are a particularly good choice as they can help to ease anxiety at the same time as promoting optimism – and who wouldn’t benefit from that in their business environment?

3. Invite money into the room

While we’re on the subject of plants, are you familiar with jade plants? These succulents are also known as money plants. Place one close to the entrance door of your home office in order to encourage money to flow in through that door. Bamboo is also great for promoting wealth creation, if you can’t get hold of a jade plant.

Jade plants also work well at the main entrance to your home, if you’re trying to set the scene for money to flow into your life more generally!

4. Find your desk surface

When did you last see the surface of your desk? When it comes to office desk feng shui, start by minimising the number of objects that you keep on your desk. The more of the desk surface you can see, the more space there will be for good energy to flow. A wireless keyboard and wireless mouse or trackpad can be a great help here, as can moving paperwork into a tidy tray or filing it away!

5. Position your chair correctly

Where you place your chair (and your desk) makes a significant difference to how the energy flows in your office. Achieve the power position by placing your chair so that you face the door. If the space won’t allow you to face the door directly, at least ensure that you have a good view of the door from where you sit.

Once you are sitting facing the door, you are in the ideal place to embrace the opportunities that come through it. Turn your back on the door and you also turn your back on opportunities!

6. Opt for solid backing

Another important factor when it comes to where to position your chair is what’s behind you. Ideally, you want a solid wall behind you while you work, for strength and durability. At the very least, use a chair with a sturdy back.

7. Move your desk

Once your office chair feng shui is correct, it’s time to get your desk into the power position too. Ideally, your desk should be quite far back from the door, so that you can see as much of the room as possible (while still facing the door).

8. Consider replacing your desk

While we’re on the subject of desks, could you do with replacing yours? A good office desk (in practical terms, as well as feng shui terms!) should be sturdy and in good condition. And it should categorically not have any wobbly legs or lean at an angle!

Think of your desk as representing the strength and stability of your business and choose accordingly.

9. Paint your walls

Perhaps best avoided if you’re in rented accommodation, but if you own the four walls that house your home office then it’s time to think about what colour they are and what that colour means.

There’s plenty of office colour feng shui advice out there, but it’s important to remember that personal preference plays a role here too. Golden yellow may be wonderfully energising, but if you’re not a fan of yellow in general then it’s hardly likely to inspire you to succeed on a daily basis!

The colours that you choose for your office walls will also be inspired by the kind of energy that you want to flow. If you’re running a creative enterprise, white or pastel shades should help to encourage that creativity. If you want your business to grow, try opting for green. If focus and clarity is your priority, try a purple tone, such as lavender.

While painting your whole office black might be a little extreme (not to mention oppressive and energy-sapping!) it’s worth bearing in mind that black is associated with money (via the water element). If you can incorporate it in some way, it could just work wonders for your bank balance.

Earth tones are also worthy of consideration. They represent stability and can be great for reducing stress. Just bear in mind that too much of them, like too much black, can dull your inspiration.

10. Opt for the right objets d’art

The decorative objects that you choose can have a notable impact on your home office feng shui. Opt for artworks that make you feel inspired and energised. Bear colours in mind, just as you did when painting, but don’t feel you need to adhere to any particular tone. It’s about what works to inspire you personally.

Inspirational mantras and pictures of those who inspire you and whom you wish to emulate will work well when it comes to what’s on your walls. Ultimately, if it inspires you, it’s in!

11. Get curvy

When selecting everything from objets d’art to your desk, think about curves and rounded corners. Try to keep sharp corners out of the path of the energy that flows through your workspace.

12. Balance the elements

There are five elements to think about when it comes to office feng shui: wood, earth, fire, water and metal. The ideal home office will balance all five of these. Keeping them balanced will give your working life the best possible chance of achieving the right balance too.

13. Add running water

Water features can create a wonderfully calming, serene feel. Running water is also great feng shui. Don’t worry if you haven’t got room for an ornate fountain centrepiece – opting for a small water feature or even a fish tank to bring the water element into your office in a positive way will work just as well!

14. Apply a bagua map

If you’re serious about achieving the right office desk feng shui, then it’s time to apply a bagua map to your desk. These ancient maps have sections that represent:

  • Abundance/prosperity
  • Fame/reputation
  • Relationships/love
  • Creativity/children
  • Helpful people/travel
  • Career/journey
  • Skills/knowledge
  • Family/elders
  • Health/centre

Once you know which position is which, you can organise your office desk accordingly. Why not position your laptop in the career section and your phone in the prosperity area? Or if you’re stuck on something, perhaps move your phone to the helpful people section. Experiment with what works best for your personal circumstances and your business needs.

15. Review your lighting

Natural light is always the winner when it comes to office feng shui, but it’s not always possible to enjoy as much of it as you might wish. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to buy a lamp than to knock out a section of wall to install a new window but be sure to avoid energy-sapping fluorescent bulbs.

When choosing office lighting, consider how you can use lamps and light shades to introduce the right colours, curves and elements to enhance the overall feng shui.

16. Let your nose join in

Office layout feng shui doesn’t stop at how your workspace looks and feels; it even covers how it smells. Think about scent and choose a diffuser or some reeds that will allow you to enhance your feng shui.

If your work is stressful, opt for citrus oils. If there’s too much negativity, burn a sage wand to flood your office with positivity. Having a range of scents that you can call on in response to shifting day-to-day needs can work particularly well. You can also borrow them and use them elsewhere in the home when needed.

17. Create an oasis of calm

What do you do when you’re stressed? And where do you go? This part of the home office feng shui process provides you with the perfect place to calm down.

Choose a floor cushion or a bean bag (or a comfy chair or sofa if space permits) and dedicate it to being your calm place. When you need to take five minutes, sink into it and let the calming energy restore your inner balance. Once your stress has dissipated, you can return to the task at hand.

18. Step back

Once you’ve implemented all of the above, step back and assess the space. How does your office now feel? Is it balanced? Is it too bright or too dim? Does a particular colour dominate?

If something doesn’t feel right, now is the time to change it. Consider your workspace as a whole in order to identify whether any of the things within it don’t feel right. If they don’t, remove them and/or replace them.

19. Keep up the good work

Our final tip is to keep on top of the great home office feng shui work that you’ve just completed. Take five minutes at the end of each day to tidy your workspace and ensure that it is clutter-free, ready for the next working day. Doing so will make a big difference to the way that you feel when you step into your office in the morning.

Be sure to keep it clean, as well. A quick weekly spritz will ensure that your home office is always looking its best, ready to inspire you to achieve all that you wish to while you’re using it.

Home office feng shui principles

The above principles can help good energy to flow into and through your home office in the right way. Why not dedicate a day to giving your office a complete overhaul and implementing every step at once? We’re confident that if you do, you’ll really feel the difference that feng shui can bring about.

And if these office feng shui tips have left you seriously inspired, why not take things even further by looking into lucky feng shui directions or thinking about taking out blocking walls (again, perhaps something to avoid in rented accommodation!)?

Once you’ve achieved the right office feng shui, you’re well positioned to benefit from all that positively flowing chi can deliver. So go ahead and start making your home office a more productive and inspirational place to be. We suspect you’ll be glad that you did!

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