The world’s in a pretty tough spot right now. We don’t yet know what the full extent of the coronavirus’ impact on world health or the global economy will be, but the prognosis isn’t great. Across the globe, cities and countries are on lockdown, with life as we know it turned upside down.

Many bloggers have seen their traffic fall off a cliff over the past weeks and months, as COVID-19 has ripped through a whole range of industries.

However, those with an entrepreneurial mindset aren’t retreating to lick their wounds – they’re seeking fresh opportunities in the form of pandemic-proof blogging niches.

That’s where this article comes in.

Are you looking for a blogging niche that will help you ride out the coronavirus storm? If so, read on. We’ve examined five pandemic-proof niches to help you build a blog that will meet people’s needs in our vastly altered existence. Let’s get to work.

Food Blogs

Panic buying. Lockdowns. Not knowing if your local supermarket is a virus-riddled hotspot. It’s fair to say that the weekly shop has something of a different feel to it these days.

For many families, this has meant a need to get a whole lot more creative in the kitchen. Being unable to get hold of key ingredients or trying to ‘make do’ with store cupboard items in order to manage another day or two before having to go out to buy food has caused many people to turn to the internet in search of help and inspiration.

From online recipes to cooking  tips to sites focused on growing your own food, the culinary niche is thriving right now.

Recipe blogs are helping everyone from furloughed workers with too much time on their hands to those suddenly finding themselves baking bread for the first time. Sites such as Pinch of Yum are meeting this need with plenty of enthusiasm, with posts on everything from imaginative pantry recipes to comfort foods such as tomato soup.

Many people are also turning to food blogs for practical advice as they try to make food last, batch cook and avoid waste like never before. Which meats can you freeze? How do you defrost frozen stock? Which foods can you eat safely past their dates? There are plenty of home cooks with questions like these right now, meaning that there’s an opportunity for entrepreneurial food bloggers who are keen to share their knowledge.

Practical guidance also extends to local knowledge. Which food shops in your local area have changed their working hours? Which are offering free delivery during the coronavirus pandemic? How do you order from those without an online presence? If you’ve got strong local community ties, this could be the perfect time to share your knowledge with the world. Well, your corner of it, at least.

It’s a busy time for food-growing bloggers too. Plenty of families are packing their plant pots full of precious seeds, just in case things get a lot worse before they get better. While some fruit and vegetables take months to grow (if not longer!) there are plenty of quicker wins when it comes to fresh food, from salad leaves and herbs to microgreens that will grow on a sunny windowsill in as little as 10-14 days.

If you’ve got green fingers, there’s never been a better time to share your skills online. The Quickcrop blog, for example, is awash with seasonal growing advice, propagation timetables and growing tutorials. Just what those growing their own food for the first time need.

Of course, it’s not just the edible parts of gardens that are receiving extra attention right now…

Gardening Blogs

Those lucky enough to have gardens have been spending a LOT more time in them than usual thanks to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Everything from making mud kitchens to rewilding a part of your outdoor space has suddenly moved up the priority list. This means that green-fingered bloggers have plenty of opportunity to gain new audiences – and fast.

Are you full of ideas for DIY garden projects? Do you know how to dig, line and fill a pond properly? Is garden lighting your thing? If so, it’s time to share your wisdom.

Sites like DIY Garden are right on trend at present. People stuck at home with more time on their hands than usual need projects. From smaller ideas like creating a sandpit for the little ones to more substantial undertakings like building your own outdoor bar or hobbit house, there are plenty of ways to keep busy outdoors as the weather warms up.

Of course, gardening blogs focusing on more traditional projects – how to construct a raised bed, for example, or simply how to grow plants successfully – are also an ideal pandemic-proof niche right now!

Home Improvement Blogs

It’s not just the great outdoors that’s seeing a boom in interest from people who are stuck at home and in need of something to do. You know all those DIY jobs and interiors projects that you fancied doing ‘one day’? Well, that day has arrived. With bells on.

Home improvement blogs have the potential to tap into a captive audience like never before. Abby Lawson’s organizing and decorating blog, for example, is actively supporting those stuck at home to become more organized and intentional with their interiors projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, with everything from pretty, printable timetables to a 100-day goal challenge.

Making changes to your home can have a huge impact on how happy you feel to be there, but the changes themselves don’t have to be massive. Yes, redecorating an entire room can be hugely satisfying, but so can completing a wide range of smaller projects, from making your own picture frames to finally bringing some order to that overflowing cupboard or drawer that you usually dread opening.

One of the most appealing aspects about blogging in the home improvement niche is the sheer variety of topics you can cover. Are you interested in ways to make your home more eco-friendly? Are you replete with painting and decorating wisdom? Do you have a mind that’s full of inspirational ideas about how to tidy, organize and beautify? All of these and more will be gratefully received by those suddenly spending a whole lot more time indoors.

Pet Blogs

It’s not just those of us on two legs who are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many pets are having to adjust to a whole new routine, as well as a lack of their usual grooming and care services.

This means that pet blogs are thriving right now. Dog owners without access to their usual doggy parlour, for example, are having to take matters into their own hands when it comes to grooming, nail clipping and more. Blogs providing advice and video tutorials on such subjects are therefore well placed to enjoy a boom.

Pet blogs are interesting because they can be incredibly niche. Do you want to write about the best cat toys on the market? About how to keep dogs fit under lockdown restrictions? About how to build your own rabbit hutches or chicken coops? Whatever your interest, now is the time.

Breed Advisor, for example, specialises in reviewing and rating dog food. This site shows how successful a niche website can be when it’s approached with care and consideration.

Survival Blogs

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak struck, many people believed that the end, if not nigh, was certainly approaching fast.

Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership and founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria, published an academic paper in July 2018 on the need for humanity to engage in ‘deep adaptation’ due to what he sees as the very likely (and fairly imminent) collapse of industrial civilisation.

By November 2019, Bendell’s paper had been downloaded more than 600,000 times. A growing body of ‘climate doomers’ are focusing on survival skills and self-sufficiency in order to prepare for the coming societal collapse. Add in COVID-19 and there’s plenty of scope for survival bloggers to profit from sharing their knowledge.

Whether or not the climate doomers are right, having your own supply of fresh food, owning a food dehydrator, knowing how to forage for wild greens and being able to start a campfire all feel like more useful skills today than they did a few months ago.

Survival is a huge topic, but it essentially boils down to four elements: food, water, shelter and fire. Bloggers focusing on these four key pillars of survival should quickly be able to strike a chord with the public right now.

The Survival Life blog is an excellent example of meeting this growing demand for knowledge of all things survival-related. Do you know multiple ways to signal SOS? Would you know how to make your own sugar after growing sugar beet? Do you own your own entrenching tool? Do you even know what an entrenching tool is for?

The list of topics related to survival is huge, which means that there’s plenty for new survival bloggers to get stuck into.


Feeling inspired to get to grips with a new blogging project in one of these niches? Brilliant! Just remember, even though you may be spinning up your site in a hurry in order to capitalise on the current situation, this is no time to forget about the basics.

Undertake your keyword research and competitor research just as thoroughly as you would with a blog that you had been planning for months. And don’t forget to map out your first 25+ posts in priority order and get to work on your monetisation strategy. There’s plenty of scope to make money from these niches, so focus on doing things right!

Blogging during the coronavirus pandemic presents some unique challenges, but also some exciting opportunities. Which of these five niches will you be focusing on for your next successful site?

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