Definition: Solopreneur

A Solopreneur is a type of Entrepreneur. A creative mind who chooses to work alone, giving them not only freedom in their business pursuits, but in their personal life as well.
Clive Harris

What actually is a Solopreneur?!

I’m Clive, and I consider myself a Solopreneur

I also consider myself an Entrepreneur, because many of the same characteristics apply to both

  • Creating something out of nothing
  • Taking smart financial risks in the pursuit of profit
  • Not conforming to the notion of exchanging my time for money

There’s great overlap between the two definitions. But there are also distinctions

I Love Working Alone

I am most productive when I’m on my own. Why? Because I get sh*t done! 

For some people the notion being alone all day is hell! 

Personally I love it because it means zero distractions and I reach my goals quicker

I’d also say that Solopreneurship *generally* attracts more introverted personality personality types.

I hate office politics. I hate morning small talk. I hate unnecessary meetings. So eliminating these from my life has made me much more zen! (Rant over).

Now I also think there are common misconceptions about Solopreneurs…

The Most Common Misconception

Solopreneurs do all the work themselves

This is rubbish!

A smart business owner understands the power of leverage. Whether this is people or tools.

I have a remote team of employees that handle the day-to-day, lower-value tasks that I don’t want to do. Nor should I be doing.

I also have tools that aim to automate my businesses as much as possible. 

If you’re doing EVERYTHING in your business, I think that goes against the very nature of Entrpreneurship, Solopreneurship and the goal for financial and social freedom in your life.

The Type of Person Attracted to Solopreneurship

It takes a certain type of character to be a Solopreneur or even call yourself one.

In my case there’s unwavering belief in my ability to be successful – on my own.

I’m also incredibly passionate about showing others (my children in particularly as they grow up) that by not following the 99.9%, you can create a life for yourself way beyond what you ever thought possible.

Do I think that someone who just kind of falls into working on their own can truly be considered a Solopreneur? I’m afraid not.

Do I think someone who actively pursues a life of this nature in the pursuit of freedom is a Solopreneur? Absolutely I do.

That’s the distinction.

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