One much-touted benefit of being a solopreneur is the ability to manage your own time and achieve a proper work-life balance. But what do you actually gain from doing so?

How about the chance to be healthier and happier? Or to be more productive and satisfied at work? And to truly relish the challenges that each day brings?

You stand to gain all of this and more if you work out how to achieve a work-life balance that meets your particular needs. Let’s find out more!

1. Greater Work Satisfaction

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, eager to start your day’s work? Or do you drag your feet until you’ve consumed enough coffee to dredge up a modicum of (largely fake) enthusiasm?

If it’s the latter, then it could be time to address the problems with your work-life balance. When you have enough time to get plenty of sleep and enjoy a bit of ‘me time’ in your personal life, you should feel well prepared to tackle your working day with gusto.

This is a key benefit of achieving the right balance – you end up enjoying greater satisfaction at work, as well as in your personal time.

2. Enhanced Health and Wellbeing

Achieving the right balance between your working life and your personal life can dramatically reduce your stress levels. This can (clearly!) result in you being happier, but the benefits of stress reduction don’t end there…

Stress worsens or increases the risk of a wide range of conditions. If you want to reduce your chances of suffering from obesity, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma and many more ailments, it’s time to reduce your stress levels. As such, achieving the right work-life balance can significantly enhance your physical health – both now and in the future. 

It can also improve your mental health. There’s a direct link between stress and depression – an excess amount of the former can lead to the latter, in susceptible people. Reducing your stress levels through a better work-life balance can lead to longer-term happiness – and who doesn’t want that?

3. Having More Time

When did you last have enough time on your hands to get everything done that you wanted to? The always-on nature of the world means that our lives feel so much busier these days. A study by the British Council shows that we even walk 10% faster than we used to!

Achieving a proper work-life balance can earn back some of the precious gift of time – and when you’ve intentionally structured your life to do just that, it really does feel like a gift.

Of course, what you choose to do with that time is entirely up to you! Whether you go for a run, enjoy a relaxed meal out with friends, join the circus or simply take the time to stand and stare, the fact that you have the opportunity to do it is a major benefit of having the right work-life balance.

4. Avoiding Missing Out

Another benefit – one that’s intertwined with having more free time – is that you can avoid missing out on things when you’ve achieved a zen-like balance between work and your personal life.

If you’ve got young children, chances are that this is particularly important to you. They grow up so fast! Do you really want to look back on their formative years with regret, feeling that you spent too much time working instead of being there to enjoy their childhood?

Yes, we all need to work (well, most of us do!). If you want to have enough money to raise a family, chances are you’ll need to spend at least part of the day earning. However, it’s in your hands to ensure that you keep the right balance between that part of the day and the part you spend playing peekaboo.

5. Being More Productive

How productive are you at work? No, how productive are you really?

When you achieve the right work-life balance, your productivity level can absolutely soar. If things are out of kilter, chances are that you’ll procrastinate, put tasks off and take longer to complete things than you otherwise might.

Tiredness is productivity’s nemesis. Research has shown that fatigue can impact operational efficiency by up to 50%. That’s right – a work-life imbalance that’s leaving you too tired could be absolutely devastating your productivity level.

Of course, that means that when you rebalance things, your productivity has the capacity to shoot up. Why not take a quick nap and test the theory for yourself?

When you feel positive and refreshed, you’re perfectly positioned to reach peak productivity. You can race through tasks with a smile on your face, ticking things off an ever-shortening To Do List while fully enjoying the process of doing so. After all, why work harder when you have the option to work smarter?

Is Your Work-Life Balance Right?

If you’re reading about the benefits of achieving a proper work-life balance, chances are you’re not quite there yet! As such, why not look at what you can change in order to achieve the perfect equilibrium between your working life and the time you spend at home (or out with friends, or flying a kite or doing whatever it is you do for fun!).

The wrong work-life balance can have a negative impact on your health, the quality of the time you spend with your family, how happy you are at work and so much more. So why let it happen?

It’s in your hands to make a difference. If you’re spending too much time working, what can you do to change that? Is it time to strike out on your own? Or, if you’re already a solopreneur, is it time to bite the bullet and take on a team?

Whatever you decide to do, be clear on what your goals are, have a firm plan in mind and be sure to review progress regularly. Your ideal work-life balance awaits. Go out there and make it happen!

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